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Geoffrey Bond O.B.E., D.L., LL.D, F.S.A.

As you will read on my newly updated Website, I have had a diverse career spanning the  Law, Business, Heritage, television & radio broadcasting and more recently writing and publishing books. The interlocking strands in my life have been a passion for heritage and for helping young people in the world of Education. The Law has led me to become co-founder of the National Law Museum,  founder of the Rolls Building Art & Education Trust in London, and of the Art Scholars Livery Company Arts Scholarship Scheme. Arising from my business life I have created two engineering apprentice schemes and an international scholarship which is awarded annually between the top business school in Oslo, Norway and the Bayes City of London Business School.

Over many years I have also given pro bono service to a wide variety of national and regional organisations including The  Acceptance in Lieu Committee,  holding the position of Chairman of Museums, Libraries & Archives for London, and for the Group for Education in Museums. I have built an extensive body of network connections in the City of London having served as a Sheriff to the Lord Mayor of London during 2003-2004 and I travelled abroad to many countries promoting the City financial. I also have a well established association with London City Livery Companies having been Master of two Companies and Chairman of the Livery Committee. In the world of broadcasting I had my own radio show on BBC Radio Nottingham, my own commissioned 70 episode TV series on heritage, shown on  ITV called “Something to Treasure” in the 1980’s. I was one of the first experts to appear on “The Antiques Roadshow” on the BBC. These media broadcasting experiences led me to becoming an Assistant Producer on a number of films for TV in collaboration with Nick McCann.

My most recent book, images of which you can see below entitled “Dangerous to Show”, explores the many images of the poet Lord Byron. It has been awarded the 2021 prize for the best book on Byron by an International Literary Committee.

I am always happy to hear from anyone who would like to find out more about my work and you can contact me via the details on my contact page.

Geoffrey C  Bond, OBE, DL, LLD, FSA
Southwell Nottinghamshire 2021

Dangerous to Show

‘Don’t look at him. He is dangerous to look at,’ said Lady Liddell to her daughter in 1817. Handsome, charismatic, aristocratic and allegedly ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’, Lord Byron (1788-1824) is one of the most captivating and recognisable figures of the Romantic Age.
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Lord Byron’s Best Friends

Byron. The very name conjures up an image of reckless romance, scandal, adventure, wild emotions, foreign lands, poetry and glamour. But dogs? It is not widely known that man’s best friend held a precious place in Byron’s affections.
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