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Geoffrey Bond was one of the first experts on the original BBC TV Antiques Road Show. He then went on to make over 70 half-hour programmes for ITV’s Central Television, as Presenter of Something to Treasure, where he visited country houses and heritage venues, often with celebrities such as the late Kate O’Mara, Ken Dodd, Roy Hudd and very many others. In recent years he has collaborated with artist and film-maker Nick Hugh McCann, acting as Producer and Associate Producer on a range of personal independent films, all screened on ITV and several winning awards at International Film Festivals.

Geoffrey is an experienced and entertaining broadcaster, most recently heard in an hour long BBC Radio special on his life and career.



The Heart of Shelley
by Nick McCann, staring Celia Gregory

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The Sweet Life – A Fellini Tribute
By Nick McCann, Staring Roy Hudd

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Byron in Spain
By Nick McCann, Presented by Geoffrey Bond

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Byron’s Mine
By Nick McCann, Staring Leslie Phillips

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Having been an expert on the Antiques Roadshow for some 5 years, Geoffrey Bond went to ITV (Central Television) to make his own series on heritage matters under the banner title ‘Something to Treasure’

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